Summer Clay Jam at Charlie Cummings Gallery

Summer Clay Jam at Charlie Cummings Gallery


Artists from left to right: Bobby Free, Sara Ballek, Keith Simpson, Rachelle Miller, Bri Larson


I’m excited to have my work in the Charlie Cummings Gallery for their 2022 Summer Clay Jam! I have work shown alongside artists Bobby Free, Sara Ballek, Keith Simpson, and Rachelle Miller.

Here is what Charlie Cummings Gallery has to say about the show:

This summer's Clay Jam is an exploration of repetition, pattern, and the brilliant visual and tactile things they can do for the functional form. From Bobby Free's cool, meticulous black-and-white sgraffito and the silken surfaces he creates to Sara Ballek's yummy slipped, stamped, underglazed, glazed, whatever-it-takes bold and colorful surfaces and the tactile experience that results, to Bri Larson's organic illustrations in Mason stain and underglaze that become patterns through repetition and flow with the addition of glaze, these artists play with the way our eyes react to pattern and our fingers react to texture. Rachelle Miller contrasts delicate silkscreened patterns with fields of eye-calming white stoneware, and Keith Simpson dazzles us with 3-D printed clay vessels arduously conceived and realized through hours of design in computer software before they ever begin to come into being through the hypnotizing extrusion process of a clay printer at work. Each of these artists' pots are a triumph of design and control of ceramic processes, taking their ideas from square one to a finished pot through lengthy processes and willingness to persevere. These pots dance and sing together in ways only pots that play with pattern can, and we love the music they make.

These are some of the best pots I have made to date and I’m honored to have them as a part of this group show!

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