Sip: A Ceramic Cup Show 2023

Sip: A Ceramic Cup Show 2023

I’m pleased to have my work in this year’s Sip: A Ceramic Cup Show, juried by Sarah Pike! This show is at Savannah Clay in Savannah, GA.

An excerpt from the show:

SIP: A Ceramic Cup Show was the first large scale cup show that Savannah, GA, has ever seen. SIP is Savannah Clay Community’s  annual signature exhibition featuring over around 200 functional ceramic mugs, cups, tumblers, yunomi, pour-overs etc. from clay artists from  across the country and many from Savannah as well.  Proceeds from the exhibition  benefit each individual artist, and a percentage of all cup sales is be donated to the Emmaus House to help provide nourishment for the hungry in Savannah.

The two pieces on the show are my Chickadee Mug and Tufted Titmouse Cup.


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