Margarita Invitational at Companion Gallery

Margarita Invitational at Companion Gallery

Find my work at Companion Gallery for their Margarita Invitational show!

Two of these colorful margarita cups were sent to Companion Gallery for their Margarita Invitational show curated by Brett Kern.


I’m very excited to be invited by Brett Kern to the Margarita Invitational over at Companion Gallery!

Here is what Companion Gallery has to say about the show:

Our 2nd Annual Margarita Invitational is curated by artist, dinosaur enthusiast, and margarita aficionado, Brett Kern. Participating artist include Delvin Goode, Jen Allen, Michelle Ettrick, Samantha Momeyer, Justin Paik Reese, Casey Hanrahan, Bryan Wilkerson, Elina Jurado, Bri Larson, Juan Barroso, Janina Plascencia, Isaac Scott, Catie Miller, Joseph Rincones, Sarah Pike, Wes Brown, and Carly Slade.



I was approached by Brett to make two margarita cups for the show and you bet I was up for the challenge, as I had yet to make a margarita cup before. Before starting on a batch of gallery-ready work, I tinkered in the studio and made a few prototypes, allowing space and time to play around with ideas and materials without fear of failing. I made a lot of bad margarita cups at first, but I learned so much about how much clay to use, how to best decorate the surface, and techniques for making multi-part thrown pieces on the wheel.


After several failures (including a glaze failure when the clear glaze turned satin matte) I finally made a small batch of beautiful margarita cups that I am proud of. These finished margarita cups look so beautiful and I am very happy with how they turned out!


The two margarita cups that were sent to Companion Gallery. I chose my two favorites and the two I thought were the best in quality, execution and color.


I have found a new love of making margarita cups and I will definitely be making them again.


Thank you Brett Kern and Companion Gallery for this opportunity!

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