"Fandom" Exhibition at Northern Clay Center

"Fandom" Exhibition at Northern Clay Center


Get excited for a fun show focusing on all things related to geeky nerdy culture! That’s right, The Northern Clay Center put together a show with work featuring all things Fandom.

From the show:

The concept of ‘fandoms’ has been with us for over 100 years, but since the early 2000s the idea has become part of mainstream culture. Fandoms span interests from bands to novels, sports teams to films, reality shows, role-playing games, and more—if you love it, there’s a community for you. For many of us, ceramics is our primary fandom—we can even see more specific groups around individual artists as they sell out new collection drops in a matter of seconds, and as imitators of this work pop up around the web.

Participating artists include: Chris Burch, Lydia Ferwerda, Delvin (Del) M. Goode, John R. Hamilton III, Bri Larson, Ian Petrie, Stephen Phillips, and Avé Rivera.

You can check out the show virtually and learn more through this link!

I am truly so excited to be a part of this exhibition alongside so many talented artists!

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